~ P. L.

I'm so thankful to have found Redmond Pilates! It's solved the neck and back problems that years of PT, acupuncture and cupping didn't.

Thank you for being an awesome teacher!

~ Mary Britton-Simmons

Last August I fell and broke my ankle and arm. Once I was cast-free, I returned to Pilates for two months until I had hip replacement surgery in December. By early February, however, I was back at Pilates. In both instances, the amazing teachers at Redmond Pilates helped me to recover from these setbacks with an individualized program that increased my mobility and strength. The workouts are challenging, fun and a terrific learning experience. I am incredibly grateful for their expertise, ability to relate and dedication to my well-being. My only regret is not being able to celebrate my 80th birthday doing Pilates as I was still on a walker in early January! Thank you, Genevieve and Courtney!

~ Lynn

Two years ago after hurting my back and going through physical therapy, Pilates was recommended to continue to strengthen my body without causing further damage. I am SO lucky I found Redmond Pilates. Courtney, the owner, is classically trained and only hires classically trained instructors (Classical Pilates = the Joe Pilates version). This allows consistent instruction no matter which instructor you get. Each class, whether private or semi-private, is taught with an eye to individual instruction. I am asked at the beginning of a workout how my body feels and the instructor takes this into account during the workout. No matter how you feel at the beginning of class, you will leave feeling FANTASTIC afterward. I have not had any back issues in over a year and have transformed my body. My core and all muscles are stronger and toned. I only wish I had started Pilates in my 20’s!

~ CJ

Courtney and Whitney,

I wanted to take a moment to send you both a note to say a huge THANK YOU. As you may recall, I turned 50 yesterday and I don't think I have felt this good in many, many, many years. And I owe this to Pilates and to the two of you.

I am still on my journey to better health and well being, but I could not be where I am without you both. Your kindness, patience and example have helped me stay interested, encouraged and motivated. I set a goal to turn 50 stronger and better than I was a year ago. And I accomplished that goal, thanks in large part to you.

Before I started Pilates, someone told me it would change my life. I did not believe them, but was willing to do anything to get better and be better. And while, Pilates has not turned me into a skinny 30 year old model, it has made me a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. It, and you, have changed my life.

And so on this 50th Birthday, I just wanted to reach out to the people who have made this a great milestone for me. Thank you both. If you ever have a moment when you question your calling, just know you are changing lives in more ways than you know.

Thanks and Happy Birthday to me. :)

~ C.C.

Since I started Pilates at Redmond Pilates Center, I have regained stability in my spine after a rock climbing injury that physical therapy and chiropractic care alone could not provide me. I've also gained sufficient strength to improve in my new sport, golf. I now have the increased range of motion and strength to power through my swing at a higher speed pain-free and my golf game has much improved! I wish I'd started Pilates sooner. Thanks Courtney!

~ Tim McKee

I came to Redmond Pilates Center to try Pilates for correcting my knee pain. I've been an avid skier for over 50 years. As a ski instructor in Sun Valley, after Pilates, I logged 70 days, 220 hours, 1.2 million vertical feet on the mountain......with NO knee pain. Using what I've learned at Redmond Pilates, skiing has become effortless. I wish I'd found Pilates earlier. I would never have gotten knee surgery to begin with."

~ Laura Posey

Best choice ever! I initially ventured into Redmond Pilates Center in 2009 due to chronic low back pain. Courtney was so welcoming and accommodating that I readily felt at ease. After my initial private lessons, I was feeling so much better that I began attending semi-private lessons 3 times per week. 7 years later and I wouldn't trade my pilates workouts for anything! Naturally, I am much stronger and my back pain has been alleviated but more importantly, my workouts are always challenging (mentally and physically) and fun. I mean, how could moves with names like the swan, monkey, teaser and stomach massage not be fun? Seriously people, do yourself the favor your body will eternally thank you for and get into RPC!

~ Christopher S.

After injuring my shoulders three separate times (twice mountain biking, once doing crossfit), I found it very difficult and painful to perform normal daily tasks and keeping up with the regular workouts at crossfit was nearly impossible. I quit working out completely for over a year and it showed. Desperate to find a program that allowed me to get a good workout without stressing my shoulders, I called Courtney at Redmond Pilates. She assured me that she could provide a safe workout environment for my shoulders and even said that she could improve the strength and mobility. She was absolutely right! The strength and mobility in my whole body has improved, not just in my shoulders. I feel better than I have in years and I only have Redmond Pilates to thank for that. In addition, Courtney and her staff provide the perfect mix of professional and friendly environment with expert, individualized programs to suit each and every client. Class sizes are small which makes individual attention the norm. Having tried several group-type workout programs, Redmond Pilates is my favorite by far.