Get Wedding Day Ready

Be the breathtaking bride you were meant to be.  Look and feel your best on your special day.  Get started with your pilates program now & watch Pilates  transform your body.

Pilates is the best  and quickest way to flatten your stomach, tone and lengthen your arms and legs, lift your butt and perfect your posture.  Pilates will sculpt your figure into a long, lean and lifted body you’ll be proud of on your wedding day.  Not to mention, as well as on the beach in a bikini on the honeymoon.  Pilates is also fun, energizing and de-stressing so you’ll look forward to your sessions instead of another chore you’re obligated to complete from your busy to do list.  Pilates will provide noticeable results that will keep you motivated.

Call us at 425.558.5566 to schedule your consultation.  We will set up a program for you based on your goals and time until your wedding day.  We’ll take your measurements & help you track your progress so you meet (and hopefully exceed) your fitness goals.  Walk down the isle as a stunning bride and start your new adventure as a wife healthy, strong and feeling fabulous!

10 sessions you’ll feel the difference

20 sessions you’ll see the difference

30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body

-Joseph Pilates

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