Starting Your Program

The Redmond Pilates Center is dedicated to providing excellent, highly qualified Pilates instruction.

All of our instructors are certified in the Classical Pilates Method of Body Conditioning and licenses by Power Pilates ™, The Pilates Studio™, or Romana’s Pilates™ of New York. Our Center and teachers are also members of the Pilates Method Alliance™.

Where to begin in Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is an education and an investment in your long-term health and overall well being!

We recommend that all beginners start with private sessions. Private sessions are intended for new students as well as for those wanting to focus on specific aspects of their workout. During private sessions, you work one-on-one with a certified instructor to develop a workout tailored to your body and fitness goals. Each Private Sessions is about 55 minutes.

Private sessions utilize the very unique and Complete Pilates system, which includes working with the full range of Pilates apparatus and the mat work.

Private sessions are tailored according to your fitness level and your body’s specific needs. Each person coming to learn Pilates in our studio has a different body and set of fitness challenges, therefore there is not one formula for every body. Your initial private sessions will specifically focus on addressing and strengthening your deep “core” muscles, which includes your abdominal, buttocks, & low back muscles. Joseph Pilates coined the term the “Powerhouse” for this part of the body.

If you’re wondering what a Pilates Private session is like, it is a unique experience in the world of fitness. It requires trying it to comprehend it’s many dynamics. It is both gentle and athletic.

All Private Sessions are by Appointment. Call (425) 558-5566 to schedule your first private session!

How many Private Sessions do I need to do?

We recommend that beginners start with no less than 10 privates and workout a minimum of 2 times a week. At this point, if you and your instructor feel your body is ready to move on to working more independently, you can start semi-private sessions. You may however choose to continue with more private sessions.

For individuals training in Classical Pilates for body restoration (meaning you have not done any fitness activity for some time) or any kind of rehabilitation, more than 10 private sessions will probably be necessary.

When you have progressed to semi-privates, mat classes, and other group classes, we recommend continuing with an occasional private session so that you work one-on-one with an instructor and add to and fine-tune your program as you become stronger and more flexible. There are well over 500 exercises to learn and transform your body with.

As skill and strength increase, more challenging exercises are added and the tempo of the work increase. Pilates is a PROCESS requiring time and practice. However, you will feel the difference after just a few sessions and start to see the difference in about 20 sessions.

When do I start Semi–Private Sessions?

When you and your instructor feel you are ready to workout on the apparatus more independently, you can join semi-private sessions. Typically 8-10 private sessions will prepare you for group class. "Semis” are a supervised workout with two to four students. To get the most out of your semi-private sessions, we encourage you to start “semis” when you are familiar with the order of the exercises in your program, including being responsible for setting up the apparatus correctly for your specific needs.