Class Descriptions

We recommend doing a Pilates workout a minimum of 2 times a week!
Private Session

Private Sessions are the best way learn Pilates. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started or a life long advanced student, you will get the personalized one-on-one attention to detail you need to reshape your body. Pilates is the most efficient and effective workout- if you do it correctly! In Private sessions your instructor will help you find your core, and use it! You will learn Pilates fundamentals and principals, proper technique of exercises, and how to use the equipment, setting the foundation for deep and lasting change in your body. Your instructor will help you assess and work through and injury or weaknesses, and design a personalized workout program for you based on your body and fitness goals. Private sessions are also the perfect opportunity to fine tune your workout. Get personal instructor attention to any reoccurring issues or injury you’re experiencing, assessing how to quickly overcome fitness or weight loss plateaus, or just refresh your Pilates muscle memory if you’ve been away. Private sessions are 55 minutes in length and scheduled by appointment 7am-8pm.

Semi-Private Session

Semi-Private Sessions are a fun and energetic way to continue with Pilates. Semi-Private sessions are limited to only two to four students and one instructor. It’s the perfect opportunity to take your customized workout into a motivating group setting where you still benefit from personalized instructor attention to detail and corrections to your technique. Students can add or transition to Semi-Privates when they’ve learned Pilates fundamentals, name and order of exercises, and how to use equipment safely. Semi-Privates are a fun, motivating, invigorating, and cost effective way to challenge your core, strength and flexibility, and cardio-vascular fitness! Semi-Private Sessions are 55 minutes in length and scheduled by appointment 7am-8pm.