The Eastside's Premier Pilates Studio.

Redmond Pilates Center has been dedicated to providing authentic Pilates taught by rigorously trained instructors since 2002. We provide individualized instruction tailored to your body's needs, not formula workouts or fad exercises. Pilates is a scientifically proven method for improving strength, balance, posture, flexibility, coordination, and muscle length and tone. When you join Redmond Pilates, you will experience the change that will transform your body!

At Redmond Pilates you will learn the original and purest form of Pilates passed from Joseph Pilates to Romana to you. Our teachers are certified by Joseph Pilates' protegee, and chosen successor, Romana Kryzanowska and always hold current continuing education certifications. We are passionate about providing the best individualized instruction so that you can continue to be healthy, flexible, attractive, and active in your daily life.